About Library :

The Library, Government College for Women (Autonomous), Guntur is a Centre of information for the academic community of the College and is expected to be developed into a hub of knowledge to all the academic community and a gateway to national and global knowledge. It ensures fair access to knowledge to the academics on the campus in particular and to each individual related to the College in general. The Library started functioning in 1942 and shifted own building in 2013. Within a short period it could attain a considerable level of development and is moving fast towards a fully automated library. Library is using SOUL 2.0 Software for automation.

Objectives :

The library operates with the following objectives:

  • To support the learning process of the PG/UG students through provision of knowledge/information.
  • To meet knowledge/information needs of the faculty, to support their teaching activities.
  • To meet knowledge/information needs of the faculty and research staff to support their research activities.
  • To respond effectively, where possible, to the knowledge/information needs of the College's client systems.

Job specifications of Staff:


To plan and organize library service of the College.

To control, develop and manage the staff cadres of the Library

To organize library support to instructional, Internship, research and publication programmes in coordination with the Faculty.

To organize and provide instructional programme for freshers in library use.

To develop library collection by selecting books and other materials from various sources.

Library Assistant:

Duplicate checking

Accessioning and Circulation work

Shelving of books and periodicals

Other work assigned by the supervising staff

Library Attendant:

Cleaning of furniture, books and shelves

Sorting of books for shelving

Shelving of books and periodicals

Shelf rectification

Labelling and stamping of books

To check the outgoing reading materials and other library assets that they are properly issued at the entrance and exit points

Preparation of books and periodicals for binding.

             Other work as to be assigned by the supervising staff.